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[Hot Pack] Place ACKpack Mini in the microwave for up to 1 minute.
{we recommend testing at 30 second increments}.

[Cold Pack] Place ACKpack Mini in freezer overnight.

Suggested Uses for the ACKpack Mini:

[Hot Pack] Chills, Cold Digits or Extremities, Aches,

Pains, Muscle Tension, Soreness, Relaxation,
Setting Nail Decals.

[Cold Pack] Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Strains, Sprains,

Swelling, Sore Muscles, Reduce Fevers, Hot Days,

Basics About the ACKpack Mini:
• Available in a variety of colors.
• Pack contains rice and is not washable (spot clean only).
• When pack is heated, it gives off a somehing scent and a very slow release of moisture.
• When used cold, will not cause ‘freezer burn’, as typical with other products.
• Gentle massage maintains the slow release of hot or cold.
• Will not mildew or have other undesirable side effects due to repetitive heating or cooling.
• The unique combination of materials stays put where you need it!

Legal Disclosure: Maiden Nantucket™ and its affiliates are NOT medical professionals, any long term and/or serious medical concerns should be addressed by a professional of that nature. ACKpack Mini should not be used on children without supervision. ACKpack Mini should be handled with care by adults, as packs heated too long CAN cause serious burns.

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