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Our ‘ACKpacks’ are just the right packs that stay in place just where you need them to!


One-Two minutes in the microwave for heat, One-Two hours in the freezer for cold.

{we keep one by the microwave, and one in the freezer .. So they are always handy when needed}

Inner pack is filled with uncooked rice and a touch of cloves. When heated the cloves give off a subtle hue ... {imagine a slight hint of fresh cooked rice pudding} .. That soothing/comforting feeling in the air. When used cold, will not cause that dreaded 'cold burn' feeling on your skin one might get if using an ice pack, or plastic bag with ice.

Rice gives a slow release of either hot or cold and the cloves prevent mildew. Combined these two ingredients are, in our opinion, just perfect. Everyone will enjoy using our ‘ACKpacks’.

Outer covering can be removed for washing.

** Our ‘ACKpacks’ are a great size to travel with **

Here’s our list of ideas for use:

HEAT: Fibromyalgia, Cold Feet, Aches, Pains, Back/Neck Relief, Chills
due to cold or flu.

COLD: Dark Circles/Eyes, Strains, Pains, Swelling, Back/Neck Relief,
cool down after a hot summer’s day, 

We think this is a perfect gift for everyone on your list and always ready when you need one!

Something VERY unique, and sure to please everyone on your list.

{Teacher, Wedding, Hostess Gift, Get Well, Just Saying HI.. The list goes on and on ...}

Both Inner Cover and Outer covers vary in colors. If you have a preference, please contact us .. And we can let you know what we have in stock.

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